News from the Tiger Room

from the Child Centre newsletter:

Drop off time in the Tiger room is generally a worry free time, even for the relatively new children, with
children finding an experience that they enjoy to settle at – this is great to see and makes for a good start
to the day.

Most of the Tiger’s are able to articulate fairly well and are usually eager to tell you their name and how
old they are, they can also recognise the letters in their name and some are beginning to write them
down in correct order.

Art and craft experiences have been very popular and the children are enjoying talking
about what they have made, painted or drawn, some are even painting and drawing
recognisable characters.  Block building continues to be very popular; with the wooden blocks
and also the Lego blocks the children are building great master pieces.

The Tigers are able to remember stories and songs and will recite them over and over, they enjoy sitting
at the book corner and reading books to them selves sometimes they will read to each other
pretending to be the adult/ teacher.  When it suits them, the Tigers are able to follow
instructions well without distraction. During group times the Tiger have been enjoying the
memory game they have become quite good at naming the item that has been taken

Outdoor play is also very popular especially the sand pit, digging and using water from the
rain tank. The Tigers also enjoy climbing the obstacle course and of course digging in the
dirt patch.  They are enjoying practising their ball skills throwing, kicking and shooting

Toileting skills have been accomplished by most of the children and we have been encouraging the
children to look after their own items eg: finding and putting their clothes away etc. The Tigers
are also becoming very independent at rest time, taking themselves to the toilet, getting
undressed and finding their own bed.  The children that do not sleep are doing fantastically at
Meditation time quietly listening to the stories, showing what great listeners they are.

Show and tell has been very popular in the Tigers room, the children are very keen to
share their news or special item with each other and we are continuing to practice
sitting and listening to our peers.

We enjoyed some cooking at Easter time and have been talking about nutrition at meal times.
We will continue do to this and extend on cooking experiences with more nutritious ideas!

Overall the program has been going well and the children and staff have been enjoying them
selves. Please feel free to pass on any feed back to us about the program, journals etc. Thank
you for all your donations and contributions to our program and the journals, greatly appreciated.

Effie, Maryanne, Mitra (Liz and Nancy)


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