We went swimming today at the Melbourne City Baths – the old (Edwardian?) bathing complex on Swanston St. They renovated it a while ago and it is quite nice inside while still having a lot of old character.

Lillian loves swimming. She’s quite good aT dogpaddling and is starting to do something a bit like breaststroke.

She spent a while pushing Daddy’s head underwater, which she regarded as quite fun.

After a while, she made a profound discovery: “Water can help you swim!” which she kept repeating in various ways. She realised this first, I think, when she had been standing semi-immersed on the ladder (the one you use to get in and out) and then released herself into the water. Instead of dropping fast as she would if she jumped off a bench, the water supported her. So water actually helps you stay up, by providing bouyancy. And when you’re swimming, the resistance of the water helps you move forward. I’m amazed by her insight. I don’t recall ever thinking about it quite that way as a kid.

There weren’t many other people there that day, and with the pool being in a somewhat cavernous shed-like structure, it was quiet but any noise was very audible.

At one point she said “Daddy, I did a pee in the water.”

“That’s OK, we don’t do that here…”

[Louder] “But I did a pee in…”




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