Today Lillian stood on a kitchen step, took the spice rack off the bench, and started playing with it.  At one point she is sprinkling paprika around the place.

Quite a bit later, she starts squealing “My eye hurts!” and crying.  It seems she had rubbed her eye and some paprika had got in.

“Keep crying!” we said.  We don’t often say that, but in this case it seemed like the best thing to do.


She came up at one point and said “Daddy, I say ‘my’.”


“Yes! y…m… my! Just like in the people book!”

The people book is a book with lots of photos of children doing various things.  Each double-page spread has a heading such as My Face, or My Clothes. 

One set of pages was about washing.  It has a large photo of a girl about Lillian’s age washing her hair.  Lillian, who previously hated having her hair washed, now likes to wash her own hair exactly the way the girl in the book does it.  She likes to have the book held open in front of her while she does it. 

We left her in the bath for a little while, and came back to find the book immersed.  Oops.


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