She’s a smart one?

We were at the farm this weekend. Neil and Rosemary came to stay also. On Saturday morning the arborist came to bring down a couple of dead trees and a rather large branch hanging precariously in another tree. It was raining lightly the whole time and the tree men and I got rather wet. Afterwards, as we stood on the verandah dripping and drinking hot tea, Lillian kept butting into the conversation.

Afterwards, the aborist, Peter, was remarking how smart Lillian was. He didn’t remark on her being pretty (though she is) or tall (though she certainly is) but smart. He kept up the theme when I talked with him on the phone this evening.

Maybe she is particularly smart. To us she generally just seems normal because we don’t really have any direct comparisons. She seems to be picking up reading quite fast. Tonight she seemed to be much clearer on the idea that certain combinations of letters make up repeatable words which are said a certain way, and which correspond to particular things.

On my “work” blog I did a post about her emerging reasoning abilities.  Other things that are coalescing at the same time: a sense of narrative; a sense of time (when things happened, relative to now); and an ability to answer some kinds of “why”? questions.


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