Ways with words

Lillian is gradually becoming aware of what words are, and how they relate to sounds, meanings, and letters. She hasn’t quite nailed it yet, but as with everything else, she’s eager to give it a go.

Looking at a biscuit with the words “Arnotts Milk Coffee” on it, she pointed to the words and said “Eating…Biscuit.”


She looked at Mummy’s shoes and said “What are you wearing?”

“They’re runners.”

“What are they for?”

“They’re for running.”

She looks down and sees some writing on the shoes. She points to the brand name (Asic).

“It has a name on it. It says… Running Fast.”


We’re looking at a one of Mummy’s magazines – Delicious.

Pointing to the title on the cover, I say: “Lillian, can you spell this word?”

She names all the letters – “D…e…l…i…c…i…o…u…s”.

“What does it say?”



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