Top of the world

Tomorrow it is Lillian’s turn to “show and tell” at child care. We wondered for a while what the most suitable item to take would be, then it occurred to Teresa that Lillian had been to the top of the tallest building in the world – Taipei 101 – in January, and that somewhere we have a brochure. We also had some photos.

So, we printed out some photos, A4 size, and laminated them.  Here she is with her grandmother, “La la”:


We then had to help Lillian learn to say “highest building in the world.”

Now she can say that, sort of, but can’t quite seem to get her mind around the idea that she needs to tell the story about how she herself, not so long ago, had actually been at the top of that building.  She doesn’t yet have a strong enough sense of narrative, or time.

So it might be a bit of show, but not much tell.


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