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Lillian decided she wanted one watch on each wrist:



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Lillian is holding a blue bandaid in her hand. She is approached by Siddharth, a boy about the same age.

He asks “Whats that?”

“A blue bandaid.”


“Because I hurt myself.”


“Because I burnt my bottom.”


“Because I stood backwards against the fire.” (At the farm, she had accidentally brushed her bare upper thigh against the glass window on our wood heater – a very slighly burn.)


By this stage Lillian has no idea what to say in response to “why?” so is just making stuff up.

“Because I was at the farm and the fire was on and…”

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Little Grown-up

As I was reading a book tonight, Lillian asked:  “Are you a grown-up?”

“Yes I am.”

“I’m a grown-up too.”

“But you’re so little…”

“I’m a little grown-up.”


For some reason, tonight she started talking about “Granny Helen.”

E.g., “I’m going to Granny Helen’s place tonight.”

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Going for the good bits

Lillian doesn’t like salad much. But she does like avocado, and she likes salad dressing. So she rummages through the salad bowl, gobbling up the avocado bits, and then takes each lettuce leaf one by one, sucks off the dressing, then puts it back in the bowl.

Tonight, after doing that, she then took the salad servers and deftly placed a generous serving of avocado- and dressing-less salad on Teresa’s plate.

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She’s a smart one?

We were at the farm this weekend. Neil and Rosemary came to stay also. On Saturday morning the arborist came to bring down a couple of dead trees and a rather large branch hanging precariously in another tree. It was raining lightly the whole time and the tree men and I got rather wet. Afterwards, as we stood on the verandah dripping and drinking hot tea, Lillian kept butting into the conversation.

Afterwards, the aborist, Peter, was remarking how smart Lillian was. He didn’t remark on her being pretty (though she is) or tall (though she certainly is) but smart. He kept up the theme when I talked with him on the phone this evening.

Maybe she is particularly smart. To us she generally just seems normal because we don’t really have any direct comparisons. She seems to be picking up reading quite fast. Tonight she seemed to be much clearer on the idea that certain combinations of letters make up repeatable words which are said a certain way, and which correspond to particular things.

On my “work” blog I did a post about her emerging reasoning abilities.  Other things that are coalescing at the same time: a sense of narrative; a sense of time (when things happened, relative to now); and an ability to answer some kinds of “why”? questions.

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Full pockets

What does a three-year old have in her pockets after a day at child care?

  • three lumps of granite
  • five small pieces of chalk
  • a ribbon
  • a small plastic shark
  • the unfolded tip of a new fern branch

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I be the leader!

When we’re walking down a hallway, Lillian likes to push in front and walk ahead, saying “I be the leader!”


Today when it was time to go to child care, it was raining lightly.  Rain is quite a novelty in Melbourne this summer.

Lillian put on her plastic raincoat with a hood over her head.  At that point, she insisted we walk.  OK… so we walk all the way, with Lillian stepping in most puddles.  Her sandals were soaked and started making squishy noises when she walked.

I’d say “Don’t step in the water, silly!”

She’d look up at me, very pleased with herself. “I’m a silly water stepper!”

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