Who’s been bad…

When I picked up Lillian from “school” today, her carer, Mitra, told me she’d been troublesome – misbehaving and “not listening.”

“Lillian, have you been bad today?”  She adopts her classic “reluctant to admit or apologise” demeanour – shoulders shrugged, head turned, cheek on shoulder, eyes looking up.

Later that night, I’m installing a new dryer.  I’ve removed and then replaced the washing machine, but forgot to hook up the waste water hose to the outlet.  Halfway through the next load of washing, suddenly we’ve got water flooding the laundry/kitchen floor.

I run to the bathroom to grab an armful of towels to try to staunch the flow.  Teresa and Lillian are in the bath.

Teresa: “What have you done?!?”

Lillian: “Daddy, have you been done bad?”

Me: “Everything’s OK…”

Lillian, turning to Teresa: “Daddy’s been bad.”


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