Logic and reality

Lillian: “Daddy, I’m asleep!”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”


“Well if you’re asleep, how come your eyes are open?”

Lillian thinks for a minute, then theatrically closes her eyes.


We’re at the farm, and Lillian has been suddenly seized by the urge, and has done a poo outside.

Later: “Daddy, only birdies poo outside.”

“Then why did you poo outside?”

Lillian thinks for a moment.

“I’m a birdie!”


And while in the vicinity of toilet habits, she is toilet trained and quite reliable, but sometimes has a little accident.  Today we were at church in Foster.  Lillian disappeared out the back.  She was gone for a while, and I went to investigate.  She was standing in the kitchen (in which, sometimes, biscuits can be found), looking sheepish, in a puddle.

“Daddy, I peed in my undies.”

Quickly, Daddy finds himself on hands and knees mopping up before anyone else comes along.


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