Lillian to the rescue…

Today I was out in our little front yard picking tomatoes, when a gust of wind slammed shut the front door.  Me outside, Lillian inside. Keys inside. Teresa not expected home for an hour yet.


I can peek through the letter slot in the front door.  Lillian is just inside.  “Lillian, can you open the door?”  She can’t reach the deadlock.


“Lillian, can you get the portable step from the kitchen.?” Off she goes, gets the step, brings it back.  Now she can reach the deadlock, but can’t turn it.


“Can you go to the desk in the study and find my keys?”  She comes back with the keys.  “Now pass them to me.”  She can’t reach high enough, and I can’t reach through the slot.


There are some thin bamboo stakes in the garden.  I fetch one and poke it through the slot, angled down so she could reach it. “Put the keys on the stick.” She tries but they fall off.

“Put the keys on the stick like a ring on your finger.”  This works.  She threads the keyring onto the stake, and I quickly lift the end of the stake so the keys slide down, through the letter slot and into my hand.

“We did it!!”


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