First New Year’s Eve

Well, the first that she had any kind of substantial awareness of.

We went down to the city with Paul and Claudia to watch the fireworks. Found a spot on the path down to the Alexandra Gardens


We were really quite close. Lillian was watching from on my shoulders. Half way through, she said “Daddy, I’m scared, I want to go home.” So she sat in my arms and watched, sort of, from a safe position.

When it was over, and we were heading off, she didn’t want to go. She said “I want to wait for another one.”

We caught the tram there and back. The crowd was thick on the way there, and very thick on the way back. As we walked back to the tram, she fell asleep while being carried. We squeezed onto a tram, which was packed and humid. Lillian and I were sweating. But it seemed everyone in the crowd was in a happy, friendly mood. On the way there, some “goth” teenagers insisted on surrendering their seats for our group. On the way back, a little girl bent down and picked up and handed back to us a bracelet that had come off Lillian’s arm. The bracelet, and a bouncy ball, were gifts from Claudia earlier that evening.

Later that night, she said “I like the green ones. Daddy likes the red ones. My favourite is the pink ones.”


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