Strange happenings

We were sitting at dinner tonight and we heard what sounded like a fireworks rocket – “wheeeee-bang” – just outside our house. Then a thud outside our back door, where Teresa saw something fall into a flowerpot. She thought it was the remains of the rocket. Lillian and I went outside to investigate – it turned out to be a bird. Seemingly healthy but stunned by something – presumably the rocket, or whatever made the bang. I picked up the bird, and Lillian stroked it for a while. Suddenly the bird flew up into a tree and just sat on a branch. Lillian told me I would have to climb up the tree, get the bird, and hold it in my hand again so she could stroke it and we could show it to Mummy.

After that, it was bath time. This time the bath was full of balloons as well as the usual assortment of containers, dogs, ducks, etc..Lillian in bath with balloons


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