Last night, a major milestone – Lillian got up in the middle of the night to take herself to the toilet

For weeks now, she has been taking herself to the toilet, in a routine which includes: take down nappy/pull-up/underpants, use potty, wipe, inspect potty content, pick up and tip into toilet, wipe potty with toilet paper, put paper into toilet, flush toilet, watch carefully as flushing occurs, scrub toilet with brush, bang brush to shake off excess water, replace brush, flush again, pull up pants.  Not bad for someone not yet three.

Tonight, 20 minutes after going to bed, she was calling out – her nose was “blooding”.  The bleeding had stopped, we cleaned up, and she’s back to sleep.

Tonight’s sleeping items: doggy, dolly, Nemo book, and the new book she got for Xmas from Child Care, Commotion in the Ocean.


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