Saturday 2 Dec

Lillian’s with her grandparents (Teresa’s parents) today.  They took her to the aquarium and for lunch at the Sofitel.  She’s also always going to the toilet (rather than being lazy and you-know-what you-know-where), even at the Sofitel. 

When we were dropping her off on Thursday evening, we all (Teresa, Lillian, I, and Teresa’s parents Ray and Jennivine) went to the Ashburton pool.  Lillian loves being in the water.  She was dog-paddling almost properly, kicking her feet behind her.  She was also getting out, jumping in with a big splash, [repeat many times].  To get out, she’d “swim” over to the corner, and sort of roll onto the edge (its one of those pools where the edge is at the water level) rather than clamber out in the usual way.  I took her over to the waterslide, which she went down about 20 times – like a yo-yo. 

At one point I thought she and I should return from the water-slide area to the pool to join the others.  At that point in time she was crawling on all fours acting like a lion.  Seemed she wanted to crawl all the way.  I wasn’t keen on her picking up all the tinea etc. germs on her hands, so I carried her, protesting, to the pool.  As soon as I put her down, she ran right back to where she had been crawling, and resumed.  Fortunately, after about 5 metres she got bored with that and got up and ran over. 


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